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Antique Rome

Antique Rome

Excursion program Antique Rome

The excursion program is designed so that in a few hours you can visit the main attractions that reflect the spirit of the great era:

• The excursion tour begins at the Forum, which was the main square of the ancient city. In the square is the main temple of Saturn, built in 489. Here you can see other temples, basilicas, ancient structures that have survived to our days from ancient times in good condition.

• The second stage of a tour of Rome - a visit to the Palantine hill, where the she-wolf fed the founders of the city, according to ancient legends .

• It is impossible to imagine acquaintance with antiquity without the main attraction of the Italian capital - the Colosseum. The amphitheater, in which gladiatorial battles took place, was built in the first century AD, surviving through the epochs to the present day.

• It is known that Rome was built on seven hills, one of which ends with a fascinating tour. It is on Capitol Hill that the beautiful statue of Marcus Aurelius is made of bronze alloy.

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