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Capitoline Museums

Capitoline Museums

The first public museum in the capital of Italy was erected in 1471. At this time, Pope Sixtus IV decided to give the inhabitants of Rome as a gift ancient sculptures, which became the first exhibits of the museum. At the moment, the collection has a huge number of exhibits that are distributed between the two buildings - the Palazzo Nuovo Palace and the Palazzo Conservatory Palace. This is where the legendary monuments are stored:
• Sculpture of a she-wolf cast from a bronze alloy. Historians suggest that the statue of “Capitoline Wolf” was created in the 4th century BC. According to ancient legends, she nurtured Romulus and Remus, who later became the founders of Rome.
• Here you can also admire the amazing statue of “Capitoline Venus”, which was created in the 4th century BC. •
The majestic equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius was completed in the 1st century AD. In the same period, an interesting statue appeared “Boy pulling a splinter”.

In addition to the collection of beautiful statues, capitol museums hold busts of emperors and ancient philosophers. For example, the unique bust of the Capitoline Brutus has amazing eyes inlaid with gorgeous pearls.

A tour of the Capitoline Museums will give a sea of ​​impressions to lovers of antiquity who want to enjoy the contemplation of the unique cultural monuments that have come down to our time from the depths of centuries.

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