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Castelli Romani

Castelli Romani

Amazing castles of Rome are already waiting for you!

During a tour of the castles of Rome you will see interesting places that impress with their grandeur and beauty:

Villa Aldobrandini attracts attention with magnificent facade decoration and lush gardens, in the shade of which you can stroll, enjoying the pleasant coolness and breathtaking landscapes.

Santa Maria de Grottaferrata - an ideal place for lovers of the Middle Ages, striking in its strict greatness. The castle was founded in the distant first century AD by the monks of Calabria Byzantium.

Castelli Romani is not just beautiful castles, but entire cities located on picturesque volcanic lakes, for example, Castel Gandolfo. It also houses the summer residence of the Pope, which offers a wonderful view of Lake Albano. There are many nice restaurants on the lake, in any of which you can enjoy delicious local dishes.

• The town of Nemi , which is famous for its museum ship, built by Mussolini from two Roman ships, cannot but attract attention. He found the vessels at the bottom of the drained lake in 1927-1932.

City of Fraschette - the pearl of Castelli Romani. Interestingly, most establishments are located in old basements. Here you can taste inexpensive delicious pizza, delicious white wine, olives, cheese and many other local delicacies.

Where to book a tour of Castelli Romani?

Monte Porzio Catone, Rocca Priora, Genzano, Aricia, Colonna and many other cute towns, each of which has a special atmosphere, you can watch during an excursion to Castelli Romani.

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